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Scent of a Woman Eau de Parfum

WEAR IF YOU DARE! This glamorous perfume ignites feelings of SEDUCTION, LOVE, POWER and ENERGY to give you confidence and the perfect amount of naughtiness to own the day. Like a sensual dance, this romantic fragrance blends notes of orange blossom and fresh bergamot with sweet jasmine petals and sensual musk for an unforgettable scent.. .. scent of a woman.

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PINK DIAMOND 3D Volumizing Creme
Specialty Treatments

Is your skin having a mid-life crisis? Our creme, with rare Pink Diamond, targets the loss of volume, sunken cheeks and laugh lines. You’ll love the plumped feel and appearance of your skin, and its youthful luminous glow!


PINK DIAMOND 3D Volumizing Serum
Specialty Treatments

Is your skin having a mid-life crisis?  With the rareness of Pink Diamond, this revolutionary serum combats skin sagging, and visually plumps skin.  An alternative solution to injections , it works by “filling out” and bringing back skin’s contour, cushion and volume.

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EXTREME DermaDose Serum & Creme Laser Free Solution
Specialty Treatments

Get 84.7% skin renewal in just 5 days with our precision liquid laser refining technology! 


HYALURONIC SPRAY with Bluelight Defense
Specialty Treatments

BEAUTY ALERT: Blue light emitted by electronic devices ages skin!  We all spend too much time in the damaging blue light put out by our mobile phones, iPads and computers. 


OCEANIC PEARL CAVIAR Miracle Serum Ltd Edition
Limited Edition

Say goodbye to dull, fatigued skin!  Our chemists took a deep dive to the depths of the ocean to bring us a unique serum with miraculous firming power. Two hand-harvested algae from the depths of the ocean are blended in a cocktail rich with Jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and squalene to deeply moisturize and help your skin produce natural collagen.  Skin appears brighter and more luminous and lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. 


AGELESS Face & Throat Lift Solution Mask
Ageless Throat

Lift away years of dulling damage to reveal firmer, younger, radiant new skin.  Safe for all skin types, this power-packed pick-me-up is a skin refining complex to immediately help fill in lines, even skin tone, decreases pore size, smooth, soften and prepare your skin to get the most from your favorite skincare treatments.


Specialty Treatments

The Customizable Concentrates includes three of the most powerful ingredients, each targeting a specific concern.  These concentrates enable you to transform your favorite skincare in just one drop.


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