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Body Care

AGELESS Bust Creme
Ageless Problem Solver

The bust and decolletage have always been considered a focal point of femininity and seduction, so naturally, you want to keep them looking ageless.  This potent, yet gentle creme promotes an overall younger appearance, by plumping skin - leaving it smooth, soft and supple.

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AGELESS Hand Creme
Ageless Problem Solver

A hand creme that moisturizes and nourishes dry, cracked hands – leaving you with supple, soft, touchable hands.


AGELESS Sculptesse Body Creme
Ageless Problem Solver

Sick of Spanx? This innovative body creme is designed to help contour your shape and aid in a smoother, sleeker and more firm appearance.


AGELESS Upper Arm Creme
Ageless Problem Solver

Going sleeveless has never been so easy! This proprietary complex, infused with caffeine and fresh bamboo promotes upper arm vitality by lifting and firming the skin – giving you a sleek, refined silhouette. Dare to bare!



This luxurious creme was specifically created to deeply hydrate and nourish, as it provides a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture – leaving dry, parched skin, silky smooth to the touch.


GOLD STAR Bath & Shower Gel
24K Gold

Want to have moisturized, nourished skin, that’s beaming with a golden glow? Aloe transforms dry, cracked and dull skin into smooth, soft, bright, youthful skin.


GOLDEN Body Creme
24K Gold

Specifically formulated to glide on with ease and leave you feeling hydrated, never sticky. The touchable smoothness achieved from just once use is irresistible and will leave you coming back for more!


PLATINUM Bath and Shower Gel

Lather up with Platinum, one of Earth’s most coveted precious metals, to gently and effectively cleanse skin without stripping natural moisture levels – leaving skin smooth and refreshed.



This luscious creme locks in moisture, leaving skin smooth, hydrated and supple.

From $12.71

Pretty in Prai Body Lotion

Revel in the fresh floral pleasures of Pretty in PRAI as you smooth away that dry, crepey skin for a younger look. We used soothing aloe for a lightweight lotion that glides on to comfort then quickly absorbs, leaving you irresistibly touchable and deliciously scented.


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