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Eye Treatments

AGELESS Eye D-Crease
Ageless Problem Solver

This peptide enriched creme enhances the gentle skin around the eye area by smoothing and decreasing fine lines and crow’s feet. Fragrance and irritation free.


PLATINUM Firm & Lift Eye Serum

The “liquid eye-lift” uses multi-power peptides to visibly lift and firm, while targeting delicate skin to erase fine lines and wrinkles while restoring skin to its former glory!


PURE PRAI Eye Concentrate
Pure Prai

 This luxurious formula will take years off of your appearance overnight. You will wake to firmer, rejuvenated eyes!


PLATINUM Firm & Lift Eye Creme

This innovative eye creme firms with one of Earth’s most coveted precious metals, Platinum and PRAI’s legendary PRAI Extract - restoring and moisturizing skin, reducing the visible sagging and reversing the signs of aging. Irritation free.

From $39.95

24K GOLD Wrinkle Repair Eye Creme
24K Gold

Are you ready for a more youthful, luminous look? This eye beauty treatment targets the undereye area to optimize skin's own natural collagen and elastin levels and help even the appearance of skin tone. Discover the more beautiful appearance you crave.

From $39.95

AGELESS Eye Tight Uplift Serum
Ageless Problem Solver

Targets fine lines and imperfections, while lifting and improving elasticity. Fragrance and irritation free. 


OXYGEN Infusion Eye Gel

This eye gel instantly refreshes and restores tired eyes – skins energy level is boosted, skin appears brighter and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.


RADIANT GEMSTONE Triple Matrixyl Eye Serum

Works rapidly to turn back the clock, while boosting vibrancy and providing a healthy glow! Infused with 3 potent peptides, in addition to crushed Amethyst, Jade, Pearl, Coral, Ruby and amber - this little gem blurs imperfections, while rejuvenating your skin! 


CHAMPAGNE Skin Renewal Eye Creme

This delectable formula is designed to significantly boost the hydration of the fragile skin around the eyes and diminish the look of fine lines, while strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier against environmental stressors.


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